A 12-year-old boy is claiming that his teacher at I.S. 399 in the Bronx taped him to a chair for 20 minutes during class last Friday. Since the incident the boy—who says he was strapped to his seat after he'd gotten up to help a classmate with a math quiz—has not returned to school and the teacher has been taken out of the classroom while the Department of Education investigates.

Irel Jones says that after he got up several times in class his teacher grabbed some duct tape, put it around his chest "and then she wrapped it around the chair, and again, and she bit it off and she stuck it to me, and she didn't take it off of me." While he was taped up he says his classmates began to push him around while the teacher "was just grinning, not helping me."

Unsurprisingly the boy's mother Lorena Cuffee, who says both her children had perfect attendance until the incident, is up in arms. "The [district attorney] wouldn't take the case. They said it wasn't enough [evidence], but ... if it was me and somebody came into the house and seen I duct-taped my child to a chair, I would have been arrested," she said, making a pretty valid point.

"No charges were filed," the department said in a statement. "The teacher has been reassigned away from the school. The matter is under investigation." Cuffee is now hoping to at least have her son transfered away from the I.S. 399.