Some of the Santas in the costumed Santacon bar crawl yesterday were naughty, according to police sources. An NYPD spokeswoman tells Gothamist that officers cracked down on holiday-clad revelers who were boozing in public in Washington Square Park. "There were 33 criminal court summonses issued for open containers," she said. "All of these were in the confines of the 6th Precinct."

That goes along well with police scanner reports Saturday afternoon of a "large disorderly group" in Washington Square Park — as well as Twitter messages like this dispatch by NYaise: "Don't go to washington sq cops ticketing like whoa. Crash mountain."

New York City's open-container law prohibits boozing in any public place and can result in a $25 fine or five days in jail. One Gothamist commenter claimed this afternoon that some participants in Santacon — which also doubles as a canned food drive — spent the night behind bars. "I just got home from SantaCon an hour ago. It was complete Santarchy! I heard central booking was filled with Santa's by the end of last night. Ho Ho Ho!"