New Yorkers are quick to kvetch about the city, saying it's too clean and has lost its edge. But you know what is one benefit of all that cleanliness and modernity? Indoor plumbing. Residents of the Baruch Houses on the Lower East Side are pretty miffed that for the past year raw sewage and garbage has been spewing from a pipe onto the street. "It's embarrassing. You can't bring people to your neighborhood because they see this and are like what kind of neighborhood are you living in?" resident Morris Spitzer told NY1. We think this qualifies as the Bad Old Days.

The building has made repair efforts, but the problem keeps resurfacing, leaking excrement onto a sidewalk where there are often children playing. "Everybody's toilet backs up in the front of the building, you have toilet paper, you have excrement, you have all kinds of stuff coming out the front of the building, it's ridiculous," said resident Sam Flavors. The NYCHA says the pipe has been cleared and contractors are pumping out the basement. So far, no snakes have been found.