2007_03_siinc.JPGYesterday morning, there was an alarming "child abduction" in Staten Island noted on the Gothamist Newsmap. Apparently, a half-clothed 13-year-old boy had been handcuffed to a tree in Bradys Pond Park in the Grasmere section. Early reports said that he told police that a man had forced him into the woods and assaulted him. Now it turns out that the person who handcuffed him was actually someone he had been chatting with on MySpace.

A passerby came across the teen around 9AM and ran to find help, which turned out to be an ASPCA agent driving by. ASPCA Officer John DeLaTorre helped uncuff the teen and told WCBS 2, "I just wanted to get him out of there. That was my first concern. [He was] definitely shivering like really cold, he barely had clothes on." The boy's clothes were found 100 feet away.

Families in the area were worried about an attacker on the loose, but a police source told the Staten Island Advance, "At this point, we believe he may have been communicating with his attacker via Internet for the last three months. Yesterday's assault took place after a planned meeting. The kid wasn't stalked." And after questioning the boy at the hospital, police do not believe he was penetrated, although the man may have "rubbed" himself against the boy.