One-upping all those NYU freshmen moving to the city just to drink Cosmos and find a gay best friend, Christina Saunders of Hertfordshire, England decided to model her sexual adventures off of notoriously promiscuous Samantha Jones of Sex and the City. After a marathon SATC viewing while she had a flu at age 20, she set her self a goal: 1,000 men in 10 years. She told News of the World, "I wanted to be confident like [Samantha]. I got hooked on the buzz of one-night-stands." Remember ladies, the cure for low self-esteem is lots of empty, meaningless sex.

Instead of coming to New York for her...ummm...project, Saunders traveled the world looking for men, sleeping with at least one new man a week. There was even a lesbian fling! She chronicles some of her exploits to NOTW, but sadly admits that now, old and tired at 30, she's just looking for love. She said over the past 10 years, "I took things too far. Now all I want to do is settle down. I just hope I haven't put men off." What do you think, guys?