2006_04_seatbelt.jpgEeek - it's another story of a school bus driver acting badly. Seven year old Alexis Warnic was being taken from PS 23 in Glen Oaks, Queens to her home, when she was restrained with seat belts and electrical tape by the bus driver when he felt she was "acting up." Warnic says she was trying to get her book bag, but Edwidge Jean was fed up and "double-tied" a seatbelt and then used the electrical tape to keep her wrists bound. Warnic has ADD, and PS 23 "treats children with emotional problems" - which would make us think drivers would realize this. Being a school bus driver doesn't sound like an easy job, but using electrical tape is going way too far. The Queens DA charged Jean with unlawful imrprisonment, child endangerment and harassment.