2006_10_kiss.gifThis is not a good day for teachers. A Department of Education is looking to fire a teacher after she tried to set up two of her young students. Lisa Schmude, teacher at IS 259, allegedly encouraged two students to kiss. She knew that the girl had a crush on the boy and brought the two into an empty class room - and "instructed the them to kiss" back in 2003. Then it gets crazy two years later. From the Post:

Schmude ran into the boy and asked him if he recalled the girl. He said he did, and wanted to see her again.

During the course of the rendezvous, the boy bragged about shooting another boy - around the time that the girl's brother had been shot.

The girl told her parents that she suspected she knew the gunman in her brother's shooting, and the brother eventually identified the former crush as the triggerman.

The boy was later arrested and tried for attempted murder and robbery. He was convicted of first-degree robbery and sentenced to 10 years in a juvenile facility.

And the Daily News reports that when the girl realized the boy might be the shooter, she asked Schmude for advice and Schmude's response? "Whatever you do, leave me out of it."

Schmude has been reassigned - the Department of Education is working on getting her fired.