2007_11_cash.gifA little follow-up to the story about the 80-year-old woman who was robbed of tens of thousands of dollars from her Lower East Side apartment. Earlier this month, Connie Nieves had let in two men posing as flower deliverymen (note to self: Delivery men rarely work in pairs when they only have one dozen roses), who then tied her up and ransacked her apartment of the cash.

Nieves said, "How can I not open the door? They have flowers, they say [my husband sent] them to me, and, besides, they were young kids." She suspects that the bakery where her husband, 65-year-old Mike Rodriguez, mentioned the cash and their plans to open a bodega or restaurant, sent the thieves. Nieves kept $15,000 in a drawer, $15,000 (for her burial) in a purse, and $43,000 in another bag, hanging under some coats - all money that Rodriguez was supposed to put into the bank. The police are looking for suspects in the 20s and 30s.

Today, Nieves says about her husband, "There's no love between us." She added to the Daily News, "I don't go out, he's the one who likes to go out. He's got a big mouth."