2007_01_patlynch.jpgWe love hearing about foiled scams, but this one takes it a step further. A robber tried to force his way into the Queens home of Patrolmen's Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch (pictured).

Lynch is familiar to anyone whenever there's an incident with cops (hello, Queens shooting of Sean Bell; hello, shootings of cops; hello, contract negotiations), but we doubt there's a big sticker on his door that says "PBA member residing here" to ward off the thieves. Lynch had already left for work, so his wife and dog were the only ones at home when Anthony Genovese tried to open their door. Lynch told the Daily News that Genovese gave "some cock-and-bull story that he'd dropped his keys down the sewer and his pregnant wife was outside" as he tried gain entry into the home.

However, Lynch's wife, who knew there had been some area robberies, shut the door and called Lynch, who turned around, called for police backup and caught Genovese and another woman in a Volvo. When Lynch had asked him what he was doing at his house, Genovese said, "The woman with the dog, I know her husband." Good one! And there's a good lesson in all this: Don't let anyone into your house you don't know.

The Daily News says Genovese has over 40 prior arrests (the Volvo was stolen, too) and that police are looking into his involvement with the neighborhood robberies.