Trying to text but your annoying baby is getting in the way? No problem! This new thingamajig called the Texthook allows you to lock your phone right into the bars of your stroller. According to the Daily News, the "mobile dashboard" device is splitting the stroller pushers into opposing sides!

In one corner there's people like 35-year-old Queens mom Aniya Wolanska, who declared, "It is a stupid idea. Too many people spend too much time texting. It's crazy. You should watch your kid. Not your phone." But creator Leslie Perlman, a former lawyer and current Upper East Side mom, says there's a definite need for the device. But is there?

The Texthook, which is also available for cyclists to put on their handlebars(!), warns buyers: "using your phone to talk/text/e-mail while in motion can result in injury." Perhaps all users should also be forced to watch this video of a baby stroller, with baby, rolling onto train tracks and being run over by a train.