2005_12_wilee.jpgThe things freshmen think of! An NYU freshman, Richard Lockhart, was arrested for constructing a fake bomb - and leaving it outside a fellow student's door. Apparently it was part of a film project, which makes us wonder if Tisch professors are willing to bail students out, and the bomb was so realistic looking that the NYPD spent 45 minutes at the East 2nd Street dorm, evcauating the dorm and checking out the bomb. The Post says the bomb was "described as two, foot-long bricks of black clay with a clock, wires and computer circuit boards" with a note that said, "Enjoy your present." Lockhart apparently said, "I put it on his door and forgot about it. I thought he would recognize my handwriting and know it was a joke. I didn't mean to scare or inconvenience anyone." Clearly, Lockhart forgot to write "Kidding!" in parentheses under his note.