The Cyclone

Oh, Coney Island, there are so many freak things happening there: The Post reports that a woman's wig got caught in the wheels of the Cyclone roller coaster on Sunday afternoon, causing a rolling-and-coasting stoppage for 30 minutes as workers tried to fix the problem. The Cyclone manager said that the wig probably fell off someone's head and landed on the tracks, adding, "This happens sometimes where something flies out and gets stuck. Usually, it's a sweater or a pocketbook, but this time, it was a lady's wig." After extricating the wig, workers ended up pushing the cars down the second hill where the roller coaster stopped. Gothamist likes how the Post implies the passengers were calm about the whole thing, "enjoying the Atlantic Ocean" view, but there was no clue as to whose wig it was. But we will say that wearing a wig (or toupee for that matter) or a baseball cap, not to mention having stuff that could fly away during a roller coaster ride, sounds like bad idea jeans to us.