plymouth.jpgSome NYPD members aren't exactly burnishing the department's reputation this weekend. In separate incidents, one pair of cops was arrested for allegedly participating in a drug ring and another officer was arrested for possibly killing a man during a dispute. New Jersey cops arrested NYPD officers Hector Alvarez and Miguel Castillo as they were reportedly planning hold-ups in North Bergen and Rutherford. Initially, the cops, who work out of Brooklyn and Manhattan, claimed they were undercover, but their NJ counterparts found burlgary tools in their car. Investigators think they may have been planning a drug-robbery and are involved in an illegal drug ring.

And police are investigating an incident where an off-duty cop in the South Bronx shot several times at a motorist in a dispute over a driver's collision with a parked car. It's unclear whether the driver died from gunshot-related injuries or injuries sustained in a crash a few blocks away after fleeing the scene.

(1951 Plymouth, by Triborough at flickr)