stickup.jpgA wager between two career criminals ended very badly last week, with one man killing the other after he lost. Roy Hodge, who was 34 years old, bet his friend Robert Jenkins that eventually Jenkins would get mugged, because he repeatedly flashed his cash around in public. Jenkins didn't believe it and the two bet $500 on the matter, with Hodge winning if Jenkins did get mugged. They made the deal in June and a few weeks ago Jenkins was indeed robbed of his cash.

The 49-year-old mugging victim, who has been arrested himself 16 times for various offenses, was a sore loser to say the least. Jenkins blamed Hodge for the robbery, figuring that his friend set it up so he could win their bet. The pair argued in Brooklyn Friday evening and Jenkins wound up stabbing his friend to death. He's been charged with murder in Hodge's death. According to the Daily News, Hodge had prior arrests for rape, sexual assault, and failure to register as a sex offender. The New York Post reports that Jenkins prior crimes, for which he served seven years, include manslaughter, grand larceny, and attempted robbery. Here's a post we did on tips on what to do during a mugging (if you're the victim). None of the tips involved seeking bloody retribution.