One Koran in the toilet is bad. A second Koran in the toilet, you got problems. Or a rash of copy cats Koran dunkings. At Pace University's downtown location, a Koran was found in a toilet at the library's bathrooom - the second Koran-in-the-toilet incident in recent weeks and the fourth hate incident spanning the NYC and Westchester campuses. Pace is investigating the incident, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations' NY chapter issued a statement saying, "We once again call on Pace University to take concrete measures to help educate the student population about Islamophobic bigotry and its negative impact on ordinary Muslims and on American society."

Other campus news:
- The ACLU was up at Columbia last night to discuss free speech. If you have access to Times Select, you can read Stanley Fish's blog entry about the Minutemen-student clash; he suggests the whole thing was not meant to be academic but theatrical, and therefore, "In the context of what is essentially a piece of entertainment, Columbia, or any other university, does not have the responsibility to protect free speech or encourage democratic debate or stand up for academic freedom."

- The Washington Square News has the first part of a series about fake IDs, the students who make them and use them, why bars don't check them that carefully, and more. A sophomore wrote on a survey, "I feel somewhat socially impaired by not having a fake [ID]."