Anyone who pays attention to the parking trends in the city may have noticed something different recently (or not). According to the Daily News, more New Yorkers are backing up into parking spots instead of pulling in nose first. "As one who backs in, I do notice the other cars that do so and I would say that about 20% of parkers back in," said Robert Sinclair of AAA New York. In fact, both AAA and the Army teach drivers to back into spots so you "can leave a parking spot at a moments notice." Though why anyone would willingly leave a perfectly good parking spot in the city is beyond us.

The move doesn't exactly work for parallel spots most people get, but some neighborhoods (like Astoria) are making it a requirement that people back into spots. One resident said, "For me it's no problem. Before these cars were parked parallel to the curb and they needed those spots. Now you can fit more cars on the block." However, this means that certain stretches of Astoria Boulevard seem to switch from back-up parking to parallel parking from block to block, making this way more confusing. Which is not what we need in a city full of people who don't know how to drive.