2008_09_backpack.jpgWNBC reports that on Wednesday, a "laid off construction worker left a backpack" on Pearl Street near the federal courthouse and Manhattan Correctional Center. But don't worry: It doesn't seem terror-related! U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia describes the suspect, Denis Nekrasov, 28, as a "homeless immigrant from Kyrgyzstan who had past training in math, physics and mechanical engineering. " If you read the complaint (PDF), you find that he saved the explosive materials from construction sites in hopes of making his own gun. Nekrasov had gone to 1 Police Plaza to apply for a gun-making permit and left the backpack outside since he knew he couldn't bring it inside. And when Nekrasov went to pick up his bag, authorities were waiting and he admitted his homemade gun scheme, but it was "in case he needed to protect or defend himself from others."