2008_12_obken.jpgOf course: There's some backlash to the Caroline Kennedy-for-Senate backlash! Democratic strategist Joseph Mercurio tells the Daily News the Kennedy backlash has "been a little vicious. It's a little over the top," while an "influential" yet anonymous Democrat points out, "How many freshman senators at the bottom of the seniority list can pick up the phone and get the President?" (Kennedy was a big Obama supporter.) Earlier this week, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus wrote about the Kennedy legacy and suggests, "A fitting coda to this modern fairy tale to have the little princess grow up to be a senator," but political consultant Hank Sheinkopf put it bluntly to Newsday: "Camelot, schmamelot. This is not a business for nice people -- this is a business for warriors." At any rate, Governor Paterson is reportedly close to making a decision about the Senate seat—but he won't announce it till Hillary Clinton vacates the seat.