Even though a similar plan to erect a mosque in Staten Island was recently shot down, those behind the plans to build a mosque and community center in Sheepshead Bay say they will not back down. Opponents previously sent a letter to local officials claiming that "mosques and Muslim schools preach hatred," and one recently said that if the mosque were built he would blow it up. But the group's architect Ibrahim Anse says they're not letting the hatred get in their way. He told the Brooklyn Paper, “This is our right and it’s a cause we believe in.”

Aside from the Islamophobic vitriol, other residents oppose the mosque for the simple belief that it will create parking problems on the block. Resident Susan Gerber said, "We’re not racist, we’re realists. We are entitled to traffic studies and noise studies and safety studies. People will be walking in the gutter to get around [the mosque]. They’ll be all kinds of fatalities."

But Anse and the Muslim American Society's project couldn't sound more harmless. Anse says that anyone parking illegally deserves to get a ticket, and that the mosque would see only 150 worshipers on the busiest days. In response to accusations that the mosques builders are connected to Islamic extremists, Muslim American Society executive director Mahdi Bray said, "Even when we talk about international matters, we do it from a Muslim-American perspective. We’re not a mouthpiece for any group outside the U.S....We’ve been across the street from a police station [the 62nd Precinct stationhouse] for 10 years. If we were up to something shady, they would have known about it."