NY1 reports that the city has been installing back up power for traffic lights at 420 major intersections in the city, you know, in case anything happens. Perhaps the Department of Transportation is worried about an electrician cutting a very important cable by accident! NY1 references the Blackout of 2005 where New Yorkers had to direct traffic themselves, which was one of many great moments that showed how New Yorkers can take matters into their own hands and try to get the freaking cars out of the way. The Department of Transportation says the power will be enough for the lights to be on for a few hours, which is the amount of time they predict it would take police to get to the scene. Hmm, during a blackout, with 420 intersections... does the city have enough police officers for just that, because we'd imagine you need to station police officers at other areas. Anyway, the Department of Homeland Security, or as we like to call it, the Department of People Who Are Supposed to be Making Sure We're Secure But It's Unclear If They Got That Memo!, will be paying for the $2 million project.

Ideafinder on the history of the traffic light. And we can only assume that the battery backup power would be for pedestrian signals also - all the better to see Thundercut walkers.

Photograph of red-and-green (no yellow!) traffic light in Ozone Park from Satan's Laundromat