The Buildings Department has partially lifted the stop work order at 246 Spring Street, aka the Trump Soho building at Spring and Varick. On January 14, a construction worker fell to his death while pouring concrete molds on the 42nd floor. A second worker also fell, but was saved by netting around the building.

The DOB says workers were allowed to proceed "with interior construction and installation of curtain wall panels on the lower portion of the building, which includes Floor 23 and below" but "construction on the upper portion of the building and crane operations remain prohibited at this time."

With this partial removal of the stop worker order, the DOB has made some more requirements, which are after the jump. It's the perfect Monday complement to today's New York magazine feature about the building ("the soon-to-be-46-story glass-and-steel tower isn’t even finished yet, but it has already amassed a dark history").

The DOB"s enhanced safety measures

* Expanded regulatory oversight. For the foreseeable future, the Buildings Department will maintain a daily presence at the site to verify that all authorized remedial work is in compliance with site safety measures. While inspecting the construction site, Buildings inspectors will verify that the site safety managers are physically on site and carrying out their duties in accordance with building regulations.
* Construction management change. The Buildings Department ordered Bovis Lend Lease to restructure its construction management for the 246 Spring Street job. Bovis Lend Lease met this requirement by replacing the existing site safety manager and adding new management staff to the project. In addition, Bovis Lend Lease has added a site safety manager whose primary responsibility is to ensure construction on Floors 23 and below proceeds according to the Site Safety Plan.
* More safety training for workers. As a condition for the Department’s partial rescind of the Stop Work Order, Bovis Lend Lease is providing safety training for workers on the construction site. All workers employed by Bovis Lend Lease must pass an 8-hour safety training course and complete a 4-hour safety orientation on the job site before they may perform construction on site.