Today, the 1.1 million students in NYC's public school system return to class, making it the unofficial "Parents Liberation Day." Indeed, parents told NY1, "I'm excited because my son, you know, the summer was basically recreation all day long and it's just time for him to get back into that groove of his education," and "I'm happy. So happy to get them out of the house." Of course, one looming issue—besides tests, tests and more tests that may not even help the kids prepare for college—is swine flu, though the city says its ready to combat that. Gotham Schools is liveblogging Schools Chancellor Joel Klein's five-borough school tour: At PS 111 in Long Island City—where Mayor Bloomberg, UFT President Michael Mulgrew, and principals union president Ernest Logan are also on hand—students "seem 'stunned and clearly irritated' by the gaggle of 20-odd reporters and photographers outside the door."