Bloomberg at School

Mayor Bloomberg is beginning to ring in the new school year with a visit to P.S. 49 in Queens, a pep talk about teaching, and discussion about the sweeping education changes he and Chancellor Joel Klein are making to the New York City school system. However, Newsday questions one statement the Mayor made during his press conference: "My hope is that we leave my successor in six years -- or four years or two years, whenever that is -- with a start on fixing a problem that has gone on for decades." Is Mayor Bloomberg being more conservative about his chances in '05? His press secretary says Bloomby is planning on running, simply acknowledging "the possibility, far fetched as it is, that he may not get re-elected." Newsday helpfully points out that only a third of New Yorkers approve of him in recent polls.

The Mayor, the Times notes, says the rumbling about his comment is "the dumbest thing I've ever heard."