Now that the city is a week into the school year and everyone's eardrums are growing accustomed to the early-morning shrieks of hyped-up children, it's time to play the classic back-to-school game "School Bus Horror Stories."

SBHS got off to a strong start on the very first day of school, when a Crown Heights mom sent her son off to class on the wrong bus. Today, the Daily News rounds up some other gems: One Long Island City mom has skipped nearly a week of work to take her two kids to class, on a combined four city buses, after school buses didn't show up near her house.

A Bed-Stuy mom with an autistic son is livid that he has to spend over two hours each way on a shuttle to get to PS77. And in Staten Island, some kids just skipped school entirely because their buses never showed. Nevertheless, it's probably better not have a ride at all than to be stuck on one for six hours.