2007_06_mobwarpost.jpgPolice are wondering if yesterday's execution-style killing of Genovese crime family member is related to the shooting of another mob member a day before. The Post has a graphic (pictured) showing that the Tuesday attack on Gambino family member Robert DeCicco was just a mile away from Rudolph Izzi's Shore Parkway home, where he was found dead.

Izzi's body was shot in the head, after a friend/doctor noticed there were signs of forced entry. Izzi, nicknamed the Cueball, had been charged with stealing IBM stock in 1968 and was arrested for having pipe bomb in 2001, which happened to be discovered by police after gunfire in Izzi's home (Izzi alleged that a gunman tried to kill him). The NY Times spoke to Izzi's lawyer, who said his client was "the last of a dying breed, so to speak. Chivalrous.” People were shocked to hear that their Bensonhurst neighbor was a mobster and are now worrying that the killing will spark a mob war.

The Daily News reports investigators found about $1 million in receipts of loans people owed Izzi on a table, and interesting, DeCicco, who was shot three times in Bath Beach and survived, had a gambling problem. A law enforcement source said, "This has to be connected. Nothing's happened here in a long time nad now, back-to-back shootings right near each other."

Here's a 2005 NY magazine look at the crime families and what they're up to now.