A fake and very unfair balloon parody of President Donald John Trump is coming to New Jersey after its failing debut at the very small London protests during Trump's victorious visit. The inflatable baby, which again, is fake fake fake and does not in any way accurately depict our virile and very mature 239-pound Leader, is expected to appear in the air near Trump's Bedminster, NJ golf club some time in August. (Assuming the baby makes it through Customs...)

NJ resident and activist Didier Jimenez raised $4,500 in less than 24 hours to fund the balloon's trip across the pond. Jimenez, who helps organize regular demonstrations outside Bedminster, told NJ.com, "I saw that as a gift to us in the sense that the balloon is a tool to enable us to go after the president in a humor kind of way."

Ah yes, no injustice can withstand a humor kind of protest. Remember the summer of 2016, when protesters unveiled a life-size statue of a naked Donald Trump in Union Square, and the humorous protest awakened voters across America to the very unfunny dangers of a potential Trump presidency, ultimately costing Trump the election and relegating him to the troll dustbin of history? That was a close one.

After its first appearance in London last week, the baby Trump balloon followed Trump to Scotland, where a mere 10,000 haters and losers protested Trump in Edinburgh. Jimenez says he expects the baby to be delivered in mid-August, and that it will be deployed at various demonstrations on the east coast, in addition to Bedminster. You can track its fake movements by following the Baby Trump Tour Twitter account:

Of course, there's no substitute for the Real Thing: