There have been some strange things confiscated in New York City airports, but Bangkok International airport just discovered the most precious of cargos. According to the AP, authorities there found a baby tiger cub drugged and hidden in a 31-year-old Thai woman's suitcase, who was flying from Thailand to Iran. In what seems like an effort to disguise the real one, the tiger was amongst stuffed tigers.

The woman was arrested before boarding on Sunday, and the 3-month-old cub was sent to a wildlife conservation center in Bangkok, where it's now under supervision. A rep there says, "He appeared exhausted, dehydrated and couldn't walk, so we had to give him oxygen, water and lactation. We have monitored him closely. As of today, he looks better and can walk a little now." They are now conducting a DNA test to find out its origin.

It's believed the cub would have garnered the woman $3,200 USD on the black market in Iran, though it's unclear what the woman had planned for it (she denied it was her suitcase). Conservationists say the government needs to work towards eliminating trafficking networks that operate out of the country. Here are some odd things that have been confiscated in this country, specifically at JFK airport (bird corpses, unidentified mammals, lard!).