2006_06_palmer.jpgA 1 year old girl was fatally stabbed by her father when he attack her and her mother in Brooklyn. Dwayne Palmer allegedly earlier told girlfriend Natasha Martin that he was going to kill her, and yesterday morning, Palmer used a kitchen knife to stab her and their child, Samara. Two of Martin's other children, ages 4 and 5, witnessed the attack, apparently after Palmer and Martin allegedly were having an argument over where Samara would stay.

Palmer was later found outside of the home he shares with a grandmother and was charged wtih second-degree murder, attempted murder, and weapons possession. The newspapers report that Palmer has a history of mental illness (but it got worse because he stopped taking medication) and that Martin ignored an "order of protection" because she wanted to see Martin. A neighbor told the NY Times, "They were always getting into it, but she was in love with him. I thought one day he would eventually kill her."

Samara died from injuries to her heart and lung an hour after the attack; Martin suffered injuries to the head, throat and neck.