A Brooklyn woman gave birth in the back of her livery cab in the Battery Tunnel yesterday morning, slowing down commuters and "freaking out" her cabbie. Park Sloper Maya Polton said her water broke at about 7:30 a.m., but she and her husband waited a little while before calling a cab to take her to a Manhattan hospital. By the time they got to the tunnel, baby Jacob Max Handelsman wasn't waiting any longer.

To be expected, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing. After father Eric Handelsman helped deliver Jacob, things got a little stressful. "Oh my God, no, what do I want now? I have a baby in my hands." But Handelsman told WCBS he was able to wave down a Fire Communications worker, who guided them out of the tunnel and waited with the family until an EMT crew arrived.

Jacob and his mother were both given clean bills of health at New York Downtown Hospital, but a few things still aren't settled. Polton told the Daily News she and her husband want to track down their driver to thank him for the ride. And they aren't sure if Jacob, who's being called Jay-Cab, was born on the Brooklyn or Manhattan side of the tunnel.