Yesterday, a good Samaritan rescued a baby from the elevated J train tracks and ended up getting a new job. Then early this morning, a baby was BORN on the J train in downtown Manhattan. Is the J train really unsafe for little ones, or is it really good luck?

According to the MTA, a 24-year-old Bronx woman gave birth to a baby boy before 2 a.m. Wednesday. The mom used the train's intercom to call for help, and a train supervisor blocked off the car during the delivery. The healthy baby and mother were taken from the Chambers Street station to New York Downtown hospital.

"The boy is healthy and in good condition," said MTA transit chief Joseph Lhota. "I'm looking forward to meeting this little baby. I want to have something to do with naming him Metro or something like that." Earlier this year, a baby born aboard a PATH train picked up the nickname "Jhatpat," the Hindi word for "Fast," so maybe Lhota will get his wish yet.

Considering the little guy's dramatic entrance into this world, the song below seems appropriate: