Awful awful awful: A one-year-old girl suffered serious injuries after being tossed from a minivan when the vehicle crashed into another car yesterday. The baby was not in a car seat—she was in the arms of her grandmother who was sitting in the front passenger seat—and was hit by the side airbag that deployed.

According to the Post, "The child — wearing a pink snowsuit and wrapped in a blanket —... flew into the front dashboard when the two cars collided near the intersection of 102nd Street and 91st Avenue in Woodhaven." A witness said, "I heard the impact. I saw the baby on the ground, and the grandmother was shaking her and screaming in Spanish, `The baby! The baby!' The baby was limp. She wasn’t moving or crying. There was no car seat."

The baby, Gianna Gonzalez, is in serious condition at Long Island Jewish Hospital. The minivan's driver, apparently a family friend of the grandmother, Jose Santiago, 67, was issued a summons for not having a car seat (it's NY State law that children use seat belts or be restrained in car seats). Santiago insisted he was doing the grandmother a "favor" by driving her and her grandchild and blamed the other driver for running a red light.

However, the other driver, Jahirul Islam, who happens to have been a driving instructor for 23 years, told the Post, "I had the green light... I’ve never hit anybody. I’ve never had a speeding ticket or a ticket from running a red light. I’m a safe driver. I just hope the baby is OK. They had no baby seat, no nothing."