Oh baby! Last night this cute little lamb was born on a transport truck on the way to a Bronx slaughterhouse. Luckily, a good samaritan and Farm Sanctuary swooped in and saved him, eventually bringing the little guy to their shelter in Watkins Glen, NY. Sadly, the mother didn't have such luck, and went to slaughter with the rest on board the truck.

"The minutes old lamb was discovered by a Good Samaritan who was shopping at an Italian market just a few doors down from the slaughterhouse when the truck arrived. Wanting to get a closer look at the sheep as they were unloaded, the woman walked over to the truck and was shocked to discover a newborn lamb among the herd, as well as a less fortunate lamb who had been trampled to death during transport.

When she brought the lamb to the truck driver’s attention, he grabbed him and handed him to her, explaining that one of the sheep must have given birth on the truck. When asked by the concerned citizen if it would be possible to reunite the struggling newborn with his mother, the driver told her there was no way to identify the lamb’s mother, as there were more than one hundred sheep on the truck."

The lamb was brought to her house in Yonkers, where it spent five days following around the humans like a puppy, until heading up to the Farm. This isn't the first animal to escape a city slaughterhouse; there was also Maxine, a cow found running through the streets of Queens in 2007; Joey, a goat found wandering through Brooklyn in 2007; and Queenie, a cow who escaped a slaughterhouse in Queens in 2000. We think this one should be named Frank Sinatra for those big blue eyes!