2007_01_babyleft.jpgThe Staten Island mother of an 11 month old baby was arrested after she left her baby home alone so she could go drinking. Thirty-one year old Evelyn Graft was returning home in a livery cab from a night in Brooklyn. Graft told the driver she wanted to go home "as quickly as possible" because her baby was home alone. The Staten Island Advance reported that by the time the cab arrived at her New Springville home, Graft passed out. So the cabbie called the police who found the baby Joseph fine, but unsupervised for at least two hours.

The cabbie, Steven Robinson, told the Daily News, "It's stupid - unbelievable. She was completely ripped." He had picked her up around 8:30PM - when she was already "visibly drunk" - and then was called to take her back to Staten Island around 11PM and "found her barely able to walk." Baby Joseph was given to Graft's sister. Graft was charged with child endangerment.

Photograph of baby Joseph being carried by an emergency worker from the NY Daily News