Over the weekend a baby red-tailed hawk fell off of its nest atop an air conditioner and down on to 149th Street and Melrose Avenue in the Bronx—and luckily landed in to the hands of a troupe of bird lovers! According to the NY Post, the friends rescued their new feathered friend on the street, then canoed up the Harlem River in search of licensed falconer Ludger Balan—who happened to be nearby giving a lecture which they were on their way to.

In the meantime, the do-gooders "were trying to feed him chicken and sliced turkey but he wouldn’t touch it" (but hawks love chicken!). Once he was with Balan, however (and another hawk he had with him), he feasted on raw chicken and mouse meat. Balan will now take care of the hawk until he's ready to be released into the wild again.