2005_07_back.jpgA Brooklyn judge found that there
wasn't enough evidence to convict a woman who killed her abusive husband. Judy Castillo-Thomas had apparently been in a two-year long abusive relationship with Jason Thomas, and after three weeks of marriage. The Daily News reports that he beat her in May of 2003 as he taunted her "that she was 'too skinny' and her buttocks were 'too skinny.'" If this were a Law & Order episode, Lennie Briscoe would have a line for the husband being a sick bastard, but he'd also say something along the lines of "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." Castillo-Thomas tried to escape with a knife, but when Thomas stopped her, she says, "All of a sudden, the knife got short." Thomas died from the stabbing, and prosecutors had claimed that since the knife "penetrated 6 inches deep in a downward motion," the killing was not an accident.