A baby with Zika virus was born at a New Jersey hospital yesterday, exhibiting associated birth defects like low birth weight and microcephaly. She is the first confirmed case with these birth defects in the Northeast, though doctors say her mother contracted the illness in her native Honduras and traveled to the United States to visit relatives before she gave birth.

The infant was born at the Hackensack University Medical Center; her mother had been receiving prenatal care in Honduras, but apparently exhibited a rash consistent with Zika after being bitten by an infected mosquito early on in her pregnancy. The woman's mother is a microbiologist and sent her blood samples to the CDC, where they tested positive for Zika.

The baby's mother visited New Jersey to visit relatives, but also went in for tests at the Hackensack University Medical Center. Doctors determined the baby was in distress and delivered her via Cesarian section yesterday. “It tells you that Zika is real,” Manny Alvarez, chairman of the hospital's Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science, told the Times. He told NJ.com the mother told him, "I used to look at the billboards in my country about Zika, and I never realized it was gong to be me."

This is not the first child to be born with Zika in the United States, as a baby with Zika-related brain damage was born in Hawaii in January. Though Zika has primarily ravaged Caribbean, Central and South American countries, health officials warn that NYC is in range of the mosquito that's been transmitting Zika virus across those countries, and the city is making efforts to target breeding grounds for mosquitos that could carry Zika using larvicides.