Back in 2010, Brooklyn Bridge Park opened, with lush lawns and a modern playground featuring metal orbs for children to play on. But the orbs became a flashpoint, because they would get incredibly hot and burn children.

One baby actually suffered second-degree burns and now, two years later, the girl's family received a $17,500 settlement from the city. The Post reports, "The city tried to shift blame onto the playground designer by filing a third-party suit against Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in February, claiming that any negligence was the designer’s fault. Justice Sylvia Ash ordered the city and its development corporation overseeing the park to pay the settlement."

Geoffrey Croft of NYC Park Advocates said, "Clearly this was an irresponsible design that the public should not have been exposed to. The metal domes were like hibachi grills." The orbs, which also resulted in broken noses, were removed shortly after.