Five people—including a newborn infant—were injured last night when a driver jumped a curb in Harlem after getting cut off by another car, according to police.

Authorities say that at around 7:30 p.m. last night, two parents and their week-old infant were driving near Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and 145th Street in a black Nissan when they were cut off by a driver in a van. The Nissan was then forced onto the sidewalk, according to officials, where it struck a female pedestrian. "I was sitting over here with some friends waiting on the bus and I just heard a screeching sound, noise, and we turned around and we saw a car coming up on the sidewalk, you know, like it was out of control, somebody might have lost control of it," a witness told CBS News.

Good Samaritans helped the couple in the Nissan retrieve their infant from the car. "The baby was in there, in the car seat, everybody trying to get him out," witness Victor Nieves told NBC. "The seatbelt got stuck, everybody was screaming. It was just crazy."

Officials say three victims were transported to Harlem Hospital in serious condition, but are expected to live. Two more victims sustained minor injuries. The driver of the van is reportedly in custody, though no charges have been filed yet.