Yesterday morning, police responded to a call at 92-45 55th Avenue in Queens and found an unconscious 2-month-old baby girl. The baby, Jennifer Zheng, was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital, and while the ME's office is still investigating the child's death, the Department of Buildings has issued a "partial vacate order" for the home, noting an "ILLEGAL CONVERSION" and "NYPD REPORTED POSSIBLE ILLEGAL DAY CARE BEING RAN INSIDE1 FAMILY DWELLING."

DNAinfo found the vacate order "plastered on the front door, declaring 'conditions in this building are imminently perilous to life.' A notation at the bottom stated the second and third floors were to be evacuated, including a 'day care center' and 'third floor entrance' as areas of concern."

The Post described the home as "decrepit" and reports, "The apartment had several cribs inside of it, police sources said." A neighbor was surprised, "They are nice people — they always say hi. I had no idea it was a day care."