Last night, just before 7:30 p.m., police found a one-year-old baby boy with a gunshot wound in his head in Brooklyn. Antiq Hennis was being pushed in a stroller by his parents across Livonia Avenue at Bristol Street when gunfire rang out and one of the shots hit him. The baby as pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital, and it's suspected that his father was the real target.

A neighbor, Orlando Joseph, told NBC New York, "It was like four shots, one after the next, bang, bang, bang, bang." He added to WCBS 2, "It was shocking — you think it was a guy or a lady got shot — not a kid. I think it’s pretty messed up.” Another bystander said, "I got really scared and I panicked, so I turn back and everybody started running and people say it's a child, the child's in the stroller."

According to the NY Post, "Police believe the bullet — which struck Antiq in the left side of his skull — had been meant for his father, Anthony Hennis, who has a record of more than 20 arrests in New York and Pennsylvania. They include busts for narcotics, weapons possession, assault and car theft, according to the source."

The Daily News reports, "'They shot at him and ended up shooting the baby,' [the baby's great-uncle Chris] Dobson said. Detectives believe the shooting was payback for an earlier dispute, according to sources. Another source said the dad dashed away from the stroller to draw the gunfire from his son." However, WCBS 2 reports, "[O]ne person at the scene said the shooting had nothing to do with the child or his father, and was apparently revenge intended for the boy’s uncle."

A witness, Gina Gamboa, told the Post that Anthony Hennis was screaming, "My baby got shot! My baby got shot." She said, "The baby’s chest was moving, but his head was tilted to the side. There was blood all over the stroller."

The police are continuing to investigate the shooting. No arrests have been made.