What a difference a nomination from the Staten Island GOP makes: Former Congressman Vito Fossella, who decided not to run for reelection in 2008 after the DWI arrest/lovechild revelation, told reporters, "A lot of things to consider" about the surprising (or maybe not so surprising) support from the party to challenge Rep. Michael McMahon (D) for his old seat.

Fossella insisted, "I was honestly surprised. I've been a private citizen for a while now. I have a deep respect for my community and country. This is an unbelievable honor." But some members of the SI GOP felt "blindsided," according to the Daily News. One member said, "I ended up being counted as a yes, but I was certainly not on board with what transpired... We get to that point and [SI GOP head John Friscia]'s talking about [other candidates Michael] Grimm and [Michael] Allegretti, and about how they're really great candidates and, 'I like them both - but I think I'm going to nominate Vito Fossella.' And I'm like, 'what the hell?' I'm so flabbergasted. I got Vito's sister sitting a few feet away from me. What do you do?"

Another member pointed out that Fossella didn't even come and interview for the nomination, which is standard operating procedure, "It just makes the whole party look like such a joke and such a pawn in his pursuit of going into public office again." There's also talk that if Fossella runs again, a House Ethics investigation, over whether his mistress/mother of his lovechild was flown to destinations at taxpayer expense, could be reopened.

However, the jury is still out with those who matter most—the constituents. One man told the Advance, "I wish him the best and I hope he runs again," but another wondered, "Once you get into trouble, that should be it. You get into trouble and you're out. We don't need no troublemakers."