Baby at Tots and Tonic; Photo: NY Times

Oh, it's such a relieg to know that new moms can drink. The Times visits with young mothers who have a social group, Tots and Tonic, where they get together and gossip. Gothamist liked the Times description, "Sure, drinking in the afternoon might seem a bit louche at first glance, but the en masse presence of babies, the sunny atmosphere of the restaurant, the organic snacks and the absence of cigarette smoke made the outing appear rather wholesome, in a slightly risqué European way." Risqué like French kissing or siesta, but not too European and unpatriotic. And it's okay for new mothers to drink occasionally - just as long as they don't breast feed two to three hours after drinking, which leads to the slightly distressing and reassuring understanding of "pump and dump."

Phew, Gothamist was worried that if we ever had kids, we'd have to join the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. But no word on if Tots and Tonic will allow the a cat owner who would gladly breastfeed his cat, if he only had lactating breasts.