The Brownstone Brooklyn Bugaboo has made it all the way to CNN. Today the news source touches down on the touchy subject of Brooklyn parents bringing babies to bars. Nothing that hasn't been covered here before, though they sum up the debate through the words of a 26-year-old single woman and a stay-at-home dad, both from the borough.

The single, Julieanne Smolinski, says: "I will get up on the subway for kids. I will be tolerant of them kicking the back of my seat while seeing a G-rated movie. But let me have my bars." Fair enough, though she goes on to say the parents at bars are just "clinging to their youth."

In the other corner, the stay-at-home dad, Matt Gross, says being at home all day is "isolating. Bars, as much as they're places to drink, they're places to socialize and meet people. I long for adult contact... I don't want to be excluded from the adult world."

Will this debate, going on since at least 2008, ever end? Most recently the idea of an early curfew for parents with kids was introduced at Brooklyn's Double Windsor, so perhaps that's the happy medium.