2005_05_lesness.jpgWhen Gothamist read about the electronic silencer that can muffle phone calls you get in your office cubicle, we instantly thought of WKRP in Cincinnati's Les Nessman. We've long attempted to create our own special space in our office cubicle, but we have never put down the tape to demarcate our bounty. Anyway, our first thought was whether or not the silencer, the Babble, would be an office expense or something that employees who don't want to their private calls to be aired will pick up. Sure, law firms and other businesses dealing in "highly confidential" matters will probably get them, but something like the Babble would be so much easier than speaking pig Latin.

The Babble may retail for around $400. Last year, John Battelle visited Applied Minds (creators of the Babble) where he discovered a Willy Wonka-esque factory of fun [via Boing Boing].