The divorce is happening, kids. The MTA has confirmed that the rumored B61 split will take place in January next year, with one half running from Red Hook to Downtown and another from Downtown to Queens. In a statement we received, NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr. also noted: “We recognize that there are rapidly growing new residential areas along the Williamsburg waterfront. The B62 will also provide convenient bus and subway connections for these customers to the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza transit hub which is served by six bus routes and the Marcy Avenue JMZ subway station.” The 9.7 mile long route split into two shorter ones will, allegedly, make for less delays; last year there was a 74% increase in ridership on the line, with only a 7% boost in frequency. And the MTA confirmed for us that the transfer will be free, so the trip will still "only" cost $2.25.