Sometimes you can tell how much time has passed by using subway projects as time markers. Gothamist definitely remembers when the B and D trains were rerouted. But after reading the Times article about what the B, D, and other lines will actually be doing in 2004, we're totally confused. There are upsides for Brooklyn residents in Bay Ridge and off the Brighton line as well as Chinatown residents, but the MTA definitely has a huge task ahead of itself with educating riders. Times reporter Michael Luo poses the dilemma of trying to this understandable: "The W, currently the only line to Coney Island, will now terminate at Whitehall Street, but will be replaced by the D, which used to be where the B will be." The MTA will do its best, by launching a "full-court press" of publicity, advertising, and on premise subway workers to help riders, after writers have rewritten on thousands of pieces of documents. One commuter works out the changes in her mind, telling the Times, "If you take the Q line, which used to be the D line, and call it the B line, which is now the W in Brooklyn, that could confuse a lot of people hopping on the wrong train. Q becomes B. That's like calling the F train the A train. It doesn't make any sense."

Gothamist will be going to the MTA's website and spending an extra 15 minutes to understand what implications the changes will have on our commute.