Two NYPD cops in Bensonhurst helped deliver a baby last weekend after a pregnant woman went into labor in front of a precinct stationhouse. The impromptu delivery began at roughly 6:30 p.m. Sunday evening when officer Matthew Brady, 29, heard a car "screech up" to the 62nd Precinct, where he had been working the switchboard.

"A woman comes running inside yelling, 'My sister! She's outside! She's having a baby!'" Brady told the Daily News. Brady, along with officer Michael Lunetta, rushed outside to find a woman entering labor in the backseat of an SUV.

According to an NYPD Facebook post, "Officer Lunetta knew it was time for the woman to push as he could see the baby's head." Lunetta successfully delivered the baby and handed the infant boy to Brady.

EMS workers arrived and took the mother and baby, named Noor, to nearby Lutheran Hospital, where both are "doing great." Noor translated from Arabic means "light."

The Post spoke with Brady following the delivery and learned that the officer had never before witnessed a birth. "The baby comes out relatively smoothly I must say," he told the tabloid. "The woman was in considerable pain. She's the real hero here."

"It happened pretty quickly," he said. "I didn't really have much time to think about it."