After Hurricane Sandy did serious damage to A tracks going out to Rockaway, the MTA made the move to try and ease the area's mass transit pain by bringing back the H train as a Rockaway shuttle. And today the Authority revealed that H secretly stands for the Holidays. Because if you buy any H train gear from the Transit Museum store all the proceeds will go to the Graybeards of Rockaway's Sandy Relief Efforts!

"We were looking for a way to use our licensed products to help out in the recovery efforts taking place in the Rockaways," Mark Heavey, MTA Director of Marketing & Communications, explained of the charity move. "The H Line has piqued a lot of interest in subway service in the Rockaways and, with the help of a few of our product licensees, presented us with a unique opportunity to promote the service and to provide tangible assistance to efforts to rebuild that community."