There are nice people out there! Earlier this week construction manager Chris Csoka got himself a $60 ticket while he was dropping off a truckload of baby supplies to an unemployed man—despite being told by a traffic agent that it was okay for him to unload in a no parking zone on Staten Island. But after hearing about the ticket an unidentified NYPD detective has stepped up to pay it for him. It may not feel like Christmas outside, but the spirit at least is there!

"I was like, 'oh man, unbelievable,'" the detective told the News. "I thought it was horrible. I don’t want to beat up on the traffic agent, the traffic agent’s got a job to do; but we get a bad rap as it is. Maybe the traffic agent had a directive to give out summonses in that particular area."

In addition to paying the ticket, the cop also arranged for two cases of diapers to be donated to unemployed EMT Anthony Spencer and his infant son. "I’ve never heard of a total stranger from another borough going out of his way to help someone like this," Spencer said after being given a check (and also a gift certificate to Toys R Us). "For this to happen to me is like a blessing from God."