A 9-year-old girl riding a scooter got caught in a three car accident in Brooklyn last night—but she is still alive today thanks to the efforts of several good Samaritans who worked together to lift a car off of her. Fourth grader Tawaiian Holmes was on the sidewalk with her mother when a livery cab struck a sedan and an SUV at Livonia and Rockaway Avenues in Brownsville. The little girl was pinned underneath one of the cars: “She just kept saying, ‘Mommy, I love you. Help me. I don’t want to die. Am I going to see my friend,’ ” her mother, E-Zara Paul, told The Post.

Thankfully, at least 7 good Samaritans rushed over immediately to help her: “I ran cause I saw the little girl under the car and she was just yelling, ‘Please help me, please help me’ and her mom was saying, ‘My baby, my baby,’” Michael Ward told CBS. It wasn't easy at first: “I couldn’t pick it up, I got on my back and tried to push it with my legs,” Rusty Greene said. “The first time we tried to lift it we couldn’t get it up, but the second time we lifted it, we got it up and her mother slid her out,” good Samaritan Keith Anderson said.

Tawaiian suffered two broken legs and a broken pelvis; five other people were taken to the hospital with injuries due to the accident. The driver of the livery cab was arrested, and charges are pending. But Paul is just happy her daughter is alive: “I think the men who helped are awesome,” she said. “I thank God they were there because she could have died. She was pinned under the car from her neck to her toes.”